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Crowns and Bridges


we can restore that beautiful, healthy-looking natural smile that you deserve.


Crowns are porcelain tooth-like covers that are used to restore and protect heavily filled, broken, worn or damaged teeth. They are often applied to teeth that have become structurally weakened as the result of root canal therapy or the presence of a large cavity.

Crowns can be a perfect cosmetic solution to enhance the position, colour, shape or size of teeth - to help create a more natural, beautiful smile.

At Sunshine Smiles, we plan your Crowns over two appointments. During the first appointment your tooth is prepared and shaped correctly to ensure the new crown will fit nicely around it. We then take an impression of your tooth which is used by our dental technicians to create the best fitting, and most natural looking, crown for your tooth. A temporary crown covers your tooth to protect it while the crown is being made.

During the second appointment your new Crown is cemented into place over the existing tooth using a special bonding system. We then polish the crown and check your bite, and, if necessary, refine parts of the Crown until it is just right.

Sunshine Smiles offers more affordable crowns on the Sunshine Coast, using our local laboratory.


Bridges, which are also made from porcelain, are used to replace a missing tooth by using the teeth either side of the space to as anchors or supports for the replacement false tooth - in many cases, a much better option than a denture.

Unlike a denture, a Bridge is fixed snugly in place permanently and is not taken out for, for example, cleaning.

Because all of our Crowns and Bridges work is conducted locally on the Sunshine Coast, we guarantee the safety and quality of all materials used.


Veneers are often used to improve the appearance of front teeth. Teeth that are discoloured, broken, heavily filled or misshapen can be dramatically improved with veneers.

Sunshine Smiles Dental veneers are made from porcelain and cover the front surface of the tooth, they only required minimal preparation of your own tooth structure.

Two appointments are required as with dental crowns. A comprehensive examination to assess your suitability and detailed treatment planning is carried out prior to starting your treatment to ensure you get the best end result.

Why not book an appointment online today to discuss the difference crowns, bridges or veneers could make to your smile. Alternatively, phone us on (07) 5446 4598 to arrange a suitable time.

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